72 Occupations Added in the Goldfields DAMA

72 Occupations Added in the Goldfields DAMA Occupations List – Read More!

Around 72 occupations and professions that have been deemed as the skills shortages, have been compiled in the list. The Godfields DAMA has secured 72 occupations across various occupational groups and skilled fields ranging from executive level to managerial positions and from IT, Engineering, Medical and Accounting fields.

DAMA Labor Agreement

Are you a South Australian employer looking to sponsor overseas workers? Read more about DAMA regulations!

The Australian government has recently charted out and laid down the basic requirements for South Australian employers in order to enter into a DAMA Labor Agreement. The South Australian employers are now required to be endorsed by the Designated Area Representative (Source: Immigration SA).

What are the Top Occupations in New South Wales (NSW) – Read more!

New South Wales is big on employability sector as of now. The state is beaming with countless jobs and other employment opportunities that pose as a great lucrative offer for countless of the potential immigrants and international students. NSW is home to some of the world’s top universities and educational institutes and also offer many vocational courses.